P&C President’s Welcome

Welcome to the Mount Claremont Primary School (MCPS and thank you for your interest in our school. MCPS enjoys spacious, well maintained grounds, ample air- conditioned permanent classrooms and at present relatively small (but growing) pupil numbers compared with other schools in the area. MCPS enjoys a strong community feel with excellent interaction between parents, teachers, support staff and students. It is my experience that our students’ individual needs are well identified and addressed at MCPS. The P&C currently comprises a strong group of people with various skill sets that are focused on assisting the school to provide the very best primary education experience for our children.

The P&C enjoys a revenue stream that is the envy of other schools in the area. Our funding comes from two major sources. Firstly the provision of parking for the annual Royal Agriculture Show and secondly from the highly successful Mount Claremont Farmers’ Market, which is run on a weekly basis by the P&C. No need for lamington drives or raffle ticket sales!

MCPS is truly a wonderful school with a great deal to offer. If you are considering enrolling your children I strongly recommend you contact the Manager Corporate Services at MCPS to find out more.  All enquiries are very welcome.  The P&C meets termly and dates are advertised in the school newsletter and term calendar.