School Values

Mount Claremont Primary School Values

All staff are expected to model the school’s values at all times. Students are encouraged to accept the school’s values as an integral part of their values. The school’s values are based upon the Western Australian Department of Education’s four core values:

  • Learning – a positive approach is taken for ourselves and others
  • Excellence – reflects the high expectations of staff and students
  • Equity – individual differences, circumstances and needs are recognised
  • Care – fostering a relationship based on trust, mutual respect and acceptance of responsibility

Our Vision
To foster an inclusive and caring school community which inspires students to be innovative and have positive approaches to learning.

Our Mission
To work collaboratively to engage and educate students, parents and staff in a community focused environment which is rich in local history and to create a sense of place.

Our Values
Belonging    We value every member of the school community.
Integrity       We are honest and fair in our actions.
Respect        We are courteous and considerate.
Resilience   We bounce back and grow through challenges.

Our Motto
We Care guides our school community to expect successful students, high quality teachers and support staff, empowered leadership and strong governance.