Student Health and Wellbeing

Student Medical Information

It is essential for your child’s protection and ours, that we are fully aware of necessary treatment and medication requirements. Please ensure that all medical information is current and up to date on admission cards. Where severe medical conditions or allergic reactions exist, we ask that parents complete Health Care forms available from the school office as soon as possible.

Parents have a responsibility to inform school staff if:

  • A student is carrying medication to school, what form the medication takes e.g. Tablet, mixture, inhaler, and for what reason.
  • Any condition exists e.g. Anaphylaxis, Asthma, allergic reaction to bee sting, which may require staff to take emergency action. An action plan is required,( see Medical Forms link).
  • Any medication which may require school staff assistance.
  • There is a need for safe storage. Is the student carrying medication which may be a danger to other students?

All medication brought to school must be clearly labelled with the student’s name, drug’s name and strength. Where prescribed medication is necessary, instructions from prescribing doctor are required. If the student has medication to be administered at school, parents must contact an administrator accordingly and complete relevant documentation.


Parent Information regarding Management and Emergency Plan and Medication    Parent+information+brochure+student+health+care

To download the most up to date health forms from the Education Department go to

To download the most up to date Action Plan forms please visit

PEDICULOSIS – (Head Lice and/or Nits)

Parents are responsible for checking for head lice. Please advise the school if head lice are detected so other parents can be advised. If a student is detected with head lice parents will be contacted for immediate treatment. It is advisable to check your child’s hair regularly. Please notify the school if you find head lice and contact your local chemist for treatment advice. The child may return to school after treatment.


A trained nursing sister visits the school periodically to carry out screening of Kindergarten and Pre-primary students, routine medical checks and special checks where students are referred by teachers. Parents may also request a special check if they are concerned about any area of their child’s health (e.g. hearing, sight, coordination etc)


Students at Mount Claremont Primary School access dental care at the Swanbourne Dental Therapy Centre is located at Swanbourne Primary School. All children who are Australian Citizens or permanent residents have access to the facility. For further information on the dental service, please phone 9384 0855.


The school has regular contact with a Psychologist. The Psychologist’s role is to assist students at educational risk including having academic, behavioural or emotional problems; Such students will have been referred by the SAER Coordinator, Deputy Principal or Principal in consultation with parents.